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Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor


Welcome to a detailed exploration of Incremental Update in Power BI, a transformative tool in the world of business data analysis. In the current era, where data grows exponentially, the ability to handle large volumes of information efficiently has become a critical necessity for organizations. This is where the Incremental Update in Power BI plays a crucial role.

By Vicente Antonio Juan Magallanes -

25th December 2023 - fp20 analytics

What is Incremental refresh?

Incremental update in Power BI is an advanced technique used to optimize efficiency and performance when updating data models. Instead of reloading and processing the entire data set each time an update is needed, this technique allows for updating only a specific part of the data. This is particularly useful and efficient for large and complex data models.

Advantages and Benefits of Use

  • Performance Improvement: Incremental update significantly reduces the time needed to update data. By loading only new or modified data, processing time is minimized, resulting in quick availability of updated reports.

  • Resource Usage Optimization: By reducing the amount of data that needs to be reloaded and processed, the load on Power BI servers and data sources is decreased. This leads to more efficient use of computing and network resources.

  • Efficient Handling of Large Data Volumes: For large data sets, a full reload can be very slow and costly in terms of resources. Incremental update allows for more effective management of these large volumes of data.

Let's get to work!!!

First, when opening our Power BI Desktop. Right-click on our table, and we see the option for incremental update.

A dialog window appears.

Initially, we must have certain parameters configured within Power Query for the options to be activated..