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In this challenge, you will assist a real-life law enforcement agency with the task of solving cases and preventing future crime. We’re looking for clever and innovative ways to visualize and analyse crime data from multiple perspectives, and your reports have the potential to help law enforcement workers uncover valuable insights that can catch criminals, protect victims, and improve public security.

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The challenge will run from Friday the 10th of November 2023 at 15:00 pm UK time and ends on Wednesday the 6th of December 2023 at 11:59 pm UK time.


Reports can be presented in Excel, Power BI and or Tableau.

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Below is your show time. Read me carefully!

FP20 Analytics > Challenge 11 > Tactical Crime Analysis >The Brief

The Brief

As part of FP20 Analytics Challenge 11, participants will build a Tactical Crime Analysis Report for a law enforcement agency that will be used for crime data analysis from multiple dimensions.

You’ll work with simulated crime data, which contains crime events, their dates, locations, and types, and the names, relationships, and demographic data of the involved parties. Your aim is to build interactive reports that can be used to resolve active cases, identify the relationships between suspects, victims, and witnesses, and spot trends and patterns.

Briefly, we have some special requests for this challenge:

Create a report that allows end users to easily find answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the most widespread crime types in London?

  2. Are there any spikes in the crime rate in specific months or days?

  3. Which London areas are potential hotspots for a specific crime type?

  4. Is it possible to spot correlations between demographic data and crime statistics?

  5. Which crime types have the highest (and lowest) clearance rates?

  6. What’s the relationship between the perpetrator, victim, and other involved parties?

  7. Can this data set provide other useful insights for law enforcement and crime prevention?

Important - Report Insights

FP20 Analytics > Challenge 11 > Tactical Crime Analysis > Special Requirements & Judging Criteria > Submision of entries

Zoomcharts Participants

Special Requirements & Judging Criteria

  • Reports are restricted to a maximum of two pages.

  • Canvas size is 16:9 (Default Power BI size) or Full HD size = w:1920 - h:1080. All participants.

  • Create a Power BI report including at least 2 ZoomCharts Drill-Down Visuals.

Technical Requirements
Judging Criteria

Business users use reports to make data-driven decisions. That’s why reports are called effective if they enable users to drill down and filter data quickly and intuitively to find answers to any question they might have and analyse data in all possible directions and dimensions. We will evaluate:

1) How easy is it to understand the data? (max 10 points)

  • Is too much text used for explanation?

  • Are the indicative colors in charts instinctually understandable?

  • Does it tell a story?

2) How easy-to-use is the report? (max 14 points)

  • Cross-chart filtering implementation across the report. Can other visuals provide relevant data as the user explores the rep

  • Response time

  • Drill Down: multi-layer data exploration. Can the user drill down and gain additional insights within the report?

  • Use of tutorial overlays and other elements to assist new users. Can a new user start using this report straight away with just the guidance provided within the report itself?

3) How good is the report design and is it suitable for its purpose? (max 10 points)

  • Visual design: is the overall look consistent, no empty spaces, no overcrowding?

  • Interface design: are there unnecessary visualisations/buttons/complexity in use?

  • UX design: is the produced report usable?

  • Report design: is the main challenge answered?

  • Technical: are all the fonts used the same, are the sizes readable?

You are encouraged to use various techniques at your disposal, such as tooltips, drill-throughs, drill-downs, cross-chart filtering and page navigation features, to enhance your analysis.

The Resources.

There is 1 Excel dataset.

1. An Excel spreadsheet with 6 tabs.

2. PDF with the Intro and Brief in English.

3. PDF with the Intro and Brief in Spanish.

Zoomcharts Resources.

Resources that will inspire you to master Power BI reports that end-users will love:

1. Use-Case Gallery: Try live demos and download reports made by the ZoomCharts team

2. Video tutorials: Watch engaging video guides on how to set up and use the visuals

3. Documentation: Technical deep-dive about ZoomCharts visuals

4. ZoomCharts Blog: Useful tips & tricks for data visualization and report creation

5.Visuals Gallery: Explore all the possible customization options for Drill Down Visuals.

Submissions of Entries.


To submit your two-page report, please follow these steps, if you want to be considered for the Zoomcharts' prize, otherwise post your entry in the challenges group.

1. Submit your entry .pbix file here. Your report will undergo validation to ensure it meets all the technical requirements. If the report is validated, you will receive a 'Publish to Web' link. If it does not meet the requirements, you will receive a rejection reason and will have the opportunity to resubmit your report.

2. Post your submission on LinkedIn:

1. Upload the report as a PDF document on your LinkedIn feed.

2. Use the caption "I am participating in FP20 Analytics Challenge 11”, along with screenshots from your report.

3. Include a brief summary about your report's key insights and publish to web or NovyPro link.

4. Use the hashtags #FP20Analytics, #FP20AnalyticsTacticalCrime Analysis, #builtwithzoomcharts, tag @Federico Pastor and @Zoomcharts.

5. Additionally, post your report in the FP20 Analytics LinkedIn Community Group.


Click on the link below to get your dataset: The files contain all the necessary data and information to create your report.


Intro & Brief in English

Intro & Brief Español

*Any questions, please post them in the challenges group; a member of the team will get back to you ASAP. Please do not send challenge questions via private messages to the members of the team, these will not be answered.